Friday, November 14, 2008

This is the end

The last week or so has been highly stressful! So much so that I had to make some decisions in my life. The hardest one for me was this blog. Apparently my blogging is upsetting to one particular family member of my husbands. He has read them all and on a regular basis calls DAVE and lets him know what I have written. And not because he enjoys the blog.
I didn't start this blog to cause trouble. I don't think that I have been unfair to anyone or have written slanderous things. I'm just a mom that likes to write, that home schools and doesn't get out much.
When I made this decision I thought oh well, frig it. I don't want to bicker with Dave and I surely don't want anyone to call him and tell him all about my blog. It wasn't a secret even though I told him I didn't want him criticizing it. Everyday I would tell him about my post and when someone responded I would call and tell him. It was a wonderful feeling. It made me feel good. Even when a certain someone didn't agree with me and I thought I would puke waiting to see if she would write something else, I felt alive. Like, I don't know, maybe I made someone think or maybe I made myself think.
But now I feel kinda broken.....

So this is it. Good Bye and thanks for reading about my life. A wife that really isn't a Gold Digger but a woman trying to get by.


FishermansDaughter said...

OH NOOOSSSS!!! You're LEAVING?!?! WTF?! Sorry to hear about the drama and that you feel like you have to stop blogging. I really enjoyed reading your entries. I'm thinking happy thoughts, sending them your way and hope you'll keep in touch.

noble pig said...

OMG no, who is controling you like that...sheesh! We'll miss you but uh...just change your url...and ummm...well...

Sorry to hear it.

KimberlyDi said...

Well this sucks. Come back and be a rebel whenever you feel strong enough. Other people should not control our lives (said from fake soapbox because my dear hubby doesn't know about my blog.)

We'll miss you.

Start a new blog. You have our email addresses.

Nora Bee said...

Best wishes to you! It's no fun to feel bad about blogging.

MarciaAnn said...

Sorry you're feeling that way ... personally I have an issue with any man named Dave, but I can tell you have deep feelings for yours. I had deep feelings for 2 of the 3 Dave's I knew (one ex, one monster who deceived me and ruined my life and one was a bipolar boss of mine).

It's sad that others are forcing your hand, but I totally understand about not wanting to rock the family ship.

Please, when you're able to find your inner balance again, continue. Remember it's your choice to do this, don't give up your power if you don't have to. And having said that, I do want to let you know that my husband had issue with my chatting soon after we met and although it gave me a great feeling of being alive and feeling witty and all, I stopped chatting on line because it bothered him - so I mean it when I say I understand.

Be well and be safe

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. I'm sorry, but Dave's family member needs to butt the hell out of your business. How'd he find the blog in the first place ?

What the hell ! I love this blog and it REALLY pisses me off that you are going to stop just because of this one person.

You should give me their number and I'll ring them up and have a little talk with them. Or maybe I need to pay them a visit with my friend who just got out of prison. I'm sure we could persuade this annoying family member to STFU and mind their won damn business for a change.

FishermansDaughter said...


Even though you stopped blogging and I miss reading here (I agree with Anon above), I'm glad you're still stopping by my blog, commenting and keeping in touch.

In case you didn't see it the first time I wrote it up there - Miss you.


Fishermans Daughter said...

I still come by a few times per year - hoping you've changed your mind. I miss you and hope you and everyone is well. OX FD